Welcome to OpEff!

OpEff has one goal: Increase efficiency of business operations and productivity of human resource through introduction of technology in all areas of your business.


We first analyze your current operational process and technology systems for weaknesses and areas of improvement and advise technologies based on that. A SWOT analysis.


We then transform the manual, laborious, repetitive and tedious operational processes into automated solutions which improves efficiency of the precious human resource.


Then you realize efficiencies from and error free, automated operational environment while you let the machines do the work.

How We Do It

Financial world is full of inefficiencies and organizations spend a lot of time figuring out where to introduce efficiencies. We have experience from several funds over several years whereby we have established a set of technological systems that dramatically improve operational efficiencies by transferring the manual, repetitive, error-prone and tedious processes from the humans' hands to computers. Through our experience we have determined that even after introducing individual technologies that help in improving the processes, it is the scattered and dis-integrated solutions that lead of inefficiencies.

First, we introduce technology systems and then integrate them so well together that only work left in hands of human resource is validation that the technologies in their daily processes are operating properly. For example, a startup hedge fund have several areas of improvement including accounting, risk systems, trade allocation, data retrieval, regulatory filings. Depending upon clients' situation, we advise the right set of solutions for these areas and then integrate them well so that operational efficiencies are realized.