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List of Financial Products!

Our company specializes in building custom financial products that provide an integrated environment for financial companies so that they can realize what we promise, Operational Efficiencies.

Our Products

Perfona - Portfolio Management System (PMS)
Perfona is our pride and our flagship product for fund management. It is the most comprehensive system in the industry for handling a fund from inception to liquidation. It provides for a realtime general ledger for portfolio accounting and comes with a CRM to maintain investor relations with a transparent link to back office accounting. It comes standard with a datawarehouse that provides for handling complex and bespoke requirements and custom workflows in your business. Using cloud technology this is the single system that you will need if you are a buyside firm and will take away the need for a complex infrastructure that other less flexible and less versatile systems will require.Click here to learn more about the platform. Contact us today for more details.

PerfCalc - Fund Performance Calculator
PerfCalc is a partnership accounting system that allocates P&L to partners in a fund, calculates management and incentive fees and provides investor and fund level returns (TWR and IRR). The system manages NAVs for the fund and partner cashflows. The fees calculation engine is very comprehensive in calculation of fees and is able to provide waterfall calculations very accurately. Contact us today for more details.

PortMain - Portfolio Alerts
PortMain is a security selection and portfolio maintenance system developed in high performance C++ language. It serves two purposes that every active portfolio management shops needs. On a daily basis, it: (1) uses proven proprietary security selection algorithm (or a custom screening algorithm) and generates security recommedations and emails them to the user. (2) monitors the current portfolio holdings and uses a proprietary technical algorithm to identify trend reversals and emails report to the user and thereby instills a descipline in portfolio management, rather than emotions.

SAR - Fundamental Analyzer
This is a security selection model. It is a 72 point model that rates companies using 28 long term fundamental factors and short term technical factors. These factors account for a stock's profitability, growth, liquidity, valuation, price volatility and corporate governance. It also combines the DuPont model, a fair value analysis model for equities and a model that quantifies the economic value added by the company.

SaSig - Proprietary Technical
This is a market timing model. It is a momentum based technical model that learns from past mistakes and corrects future predictions accordingly. This model gives buy and sell signals on short or long term basis to discover appropriate entry and exit timings in investments and follows trailing stop methodology to provide risk adjusted positive return. We have thoroughly regression tested the model to prove extraordinary returns and the model continues to generate positive returns even in today's markets.

SaEarns - Earnings Activity
The latest quantitative model to our family of models. The model predicts earnings that are due in the upcoming week. The underlying assumption is that the earnings information is leaked into the market before the announcement. The model evaluates recent trading activity and combines that with recent trends and overall strength of the company to come up with a positive or negative earnings surprise.

SaTrader - Auto Trader
This automatic trading algorithm implements best of our models and trades automatically on a daily basis. The algorithm scans through every security in the market and ranks each security using our models. It then trades the best of all the security whenever there is a time to trade.

oReconciler - Custom Reconciliation
oReconciler is a platform agnostic and operating system agnostic custom reconciliation system. It can be installed on UNIX or Windows and provides web based or windows based intuitive user interface. It compares any two arbitrary sources of data and provides standard source data retrieval functions for FTP, file-based and web-based systems. Typical manifestistation of the system are external system recons, front and back office recons, prime broker recons, fund admin recons etc.