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Portfolio Management System - Perfona!

Perfona is a cloud based hedge fund portfolio management system that follows software as a service model. Users sign into the platform using internet explorer and conduct their day to day operations in the system. It is essentially a low cost hedge fund administration system that is managed and maintained by the firm itself. Perfona is the only system out there that provides a one-stop solution for everything that a fund needs to operate. Without Perfona, a fund will need to implement and integrate multiple systems with an exponentially high total cost of ownership. Perfona is a versatile system that can support varying business models of asset managers, hedge funds, private equity and RIAs. It is a multi-asset class portfolio management system backed by proprietary realtime general ledger. It provides for:

Research: A idea and research management system that provides for collaboration of portfolio managers and analysts on specific investment targets prior to execution

Order Management System: An order management system that provides for entering trades and tracking their life cycle before they are sent downstream in the back office accounting system within Perfona

Portfolio Accounting: Realtime general ledger system for variety of instruments. The general ledger is exploited by various reports to provide your out of the box trial balance, financial statements, front office P&L view.

Investor Management: A CRM system that is part of accounting system and calculates fees and returns and generates monthly statements for investors. Additionally, it provides for private equity investor accounting and workflows including tracking commitments, capital drawdowns, capital call notices, investor statement and distributions

Inbuilt Data Warehouse: Data warehouse comes standard with Perfona to customize workflows with the accounting data and analytics. It provides ability to manage and maintain data in a unparalleled and transparent way.

Reconciliations: Any system in today's world would be incomplete without a reconciliation system. Perfona provides a robust reconciliation module that provides for easy and intuitive setup once the data is in the warehouse and then provide various actions to be performed over the reconciliation results.

Workflow Management: Whether it is the tax department, the valuations department or the fund accountants, the workflow management module provides ability to develop custom workflows and automate spreadsheets so that you never need another spreadsheet. It opens up the world of programming and automation to which a smaller firm would never have access.