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About Us. Vision Defined!

Once upon a time, operations deparment was in a total chaos, working long hours, repeating their daily work like a machine and missing the job they are best in doing. Then came OpEff to the rescue!

Our Team

When Dinesh Shastri, founder of OpEff, started the company, he saw that the technology in financial industry was largely unorganized. Managers at financial companies didn't understand the available technologies and used Excel spreadsheets to get most of their work done. If the managers were tech savvy, they didn't know which financial system to choose, where to apply and how to integrate the workflows. And finally, if they hired a consulting firm to help them, the firm would put its own financial interests above client's business needs. Mr. Shastri then started OpEff with one goal: To improve operational efficiency through introduction of sensible technology, clean integration of such technologies and removal of repetitive, error prone, laborious and tedious manual processes.

Today Mr. Shastri has come a long way with his 100% US based team at OpEff that has helped several firms build technology environment and realize operational effectiveness. With a commitment towards helping the clients and the overall industry, he has built the gold standard platform, Perfona, that aims to reduce the technology clutter in the industry and consolidate systems and energy it takes to get a fund up and running. Technology is Mr. Shastri's passion and financial technology is the area of his expertise where he continues to devote his attention and energy while using cutting edge technology and innovative design frameworks using agile development methodologies.

Mr. Shastri has over 20 years of experience in financial and information technology markets. With an specific expertise in Advent Geneva, he has worked with numerous hedge funds and asset management companies on various projects to provide fully automated workflows and thereby bringing efficiencies and improving productivity of precious human resource. Before starting in financial technology consulting space, Mr. Shastri worked at Bloomberg where he worked on interest rate derivatives valuation analytics. There he gathered thorough knowledge of various buyside financial systems, market data sources and APIs available in Bloomberg. Mr. Shastri is an active CFA charterholder with Chartered Financial Analysts Institute and holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Mr. Shastri strongly believes in giving back to the community to build a better society and runs a philanthropic organization that provides free education to underprivileged children.


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